From junk metal to works of art


A piece of art made from scrap

Asian Machine Tool Exhibition will be held in New Delhi from July 25 to 28

Parts of a machine or an automobile that are damaged or are not being used need not be thrown out. In skilled hands, they can be turned into works of wonderful art.

Asian Machine Tool Exhibition (AMTEX-2014), being held in New Delhi from July 25 to 28, will feature an interesting segment wherein artistes who can transform junk metal into works of art can showcase their talent.

Cyril Pereira, organiser of AMTEX-2014, said in a release that the exhibition is open to all. “Scrap metal consists of recyclable materials having significant monetary value, unlike waste,” said a release. Citing examples of works that will be on display, the release said that James Corbett from Australia has used machine tool junk and created a scrap metal tractor. Brian Mock, a master welder, has created the sculpture of a guitar. The exhibition will also showcase a football created out of junk metal, in keeping with the FIFA fever.


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