Free Daily Horoscope for March 26th, 2016

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Free Daily Horoscope for  March 26th, 2016

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3/21 – 4/19

Free Daily Horoscope for Aries 

Money and finance may require your special attention as one part of the equation may prove difficult to come by. Putting all your eggs in one basket isn?t a smart thing to do. Don?t beat a dead horse, new and more exciting experiences are in the offing. For some of you emotional commitments take the center stage, and may lead you closer to your inner self. On a more broad level, wealth and belongings could demand attention now. Thus, finances and romance will be in the spotlight.


4/20 – 5/20

Free Daily Horoscope for Taurus 

It seems to be a nice day for match-makers. Even those who are involved as middle man. You would be able to crack any deal that comes your way by your devotion and perseverance. You know that the price of success is dedication, hard work and unremitting devotion and you are ready to pay this price without a hitch. You would not refrain from learning things, socializing with friends and trying new ideas, if that leads you to the top.


5/21 – 6/21

Free Daily Horoscope for Gemini 

You now have that charisma and tend to make friends easily; bonds made now will last forever and shall help you in your work. Not a perfect day for taking important decisions regarding work and career changes. You still need more time to think and carve out things beautifully. Spend time with your family members and share your wishes/doubts with them. You can also seek help from other like minded people. You can have everything you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.


6/22 – 7/22

Free Daily Horoscope for Cancer

An invitation for a movie, play or game (read fun and pleasure) is likely, and you are excited for the moment. You are in a partying mood. Your interaction with the outer world would instill confidence in you. The eyes are set on you and your personality and charisma will take people by surprise. Enjoy the whole experience but don?t let ecstasy rule your head as that might lead you in a wrong direction. Enjoy to the fullest but don?t let rationale leave you.


7/23 – 8/22

Free Daily Horoscope for Leo

Social obligations shall be the order of the day and you shall seek peace (read financial and social security) within relationships. There may be legacies to be received, that have been left behind earlier, sweet and bitter memories of the past continue to haunt you. You feel that a strong and formidable future can be built upon a secure and deep rooted foundation. A long term perspective to your plans shall be cast in the mould of your past


8/23 – 9/22

Free Daily Horoscope for Virgo

You tend to daydream and procrastinate and as such you might have a problem getting things done on time. Some of you are likely to spend time with family especially with your dependents. You discuss your creative flare with people especially team/family members and they appreciate it. Excellent day for advertisers, publishers and other creative professionals. Some news would be communicated to you over phone or email unexpectedly. A good time to make future plans for any new personal or business relationship.


9/23 – 10/22

Free Daily Horoscope for Libra 

Money matters occupy most of your time today. How much you have in terms of wealth and possessions can be an issue now, and tends to impact how you feel about yourself. Avoid indulgence in any kind of financial speculation; let your head take the decisions for the time being. Be wary of being extravagant, as expenses are likely to be more than your income. Some of you may feel emotionally drained today as you may tend to keep the status quo.


10/23 – 11/21

Free Daily Horoscope for Scorpio

There is a rush of energy inside you and you feel good about it. You feel the need/desire to connect the inner self with the outer world. Avoid taking significant decisions in this euphoric state as some of the decisions could seem irrational. The day brings along with it, some internal and external changes in you; owing to your renewed zeal. Using this energy in a positive manner is essential because flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success.


11/22 – 12/21

Free Daily Horoscope for Sagittarius

Time to get serious about your targets and you chart out a blueprint for the same. Periods of seclusion are strongly indicated and you may realize an enhanced sensitivity towards nature and your spirit. Spirituality is just a way of life and not the life itself. However this is the time when you would want to explore this path of life. For some of you, this might be a much needed break from your daily chores of life. Getting too emotional is not wrong as long as they get an acceptable mode of expression.


12/22 – 1/19

Free Daily Horoscope for Capricorn 

The day is all about friends, friends of friends and their friends. A perfect day to reach out dear ones and those who have been with you and who make a difference. The feeling of socializing and belonging with a group should be more intense than it has been in the past and you would feel like making an attempt to be with those whose company is soothing. You can literally experience the entire world through you friends? eyes.


1/20 – 2/18

Free Daily Horoscope for Aquarius

Be cautious of what you do and what you don?t, as people seem to be critical of your actions. Moreover you are required to be careful as you want people to recognize the hard work you have put in your ideas and plans. You are not only craving for acknowledgment of your work but also for the materialistic pleasures that it gets along with it. You might sense a loss of control but remember reaching out to right people would be your key to get out of it.


2/19 – 3/20

Free Daily Horoscope for Pisces 

 Its right time for you to spread your wings and fly high as new found freedom will be rightly cherished and enjoyed by you, good time to break away from the monotony and boredom, and give life a new push.Use the everyday reality around you as fuel for the ideal world of your imagination and you’ll find yourself a general inspiration to all. When hope and belief are applied hands-on to the real world, the inner self can make its mark on the outer and the stuff of dreams coming true becomes your instrument to play.

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