Free Daily Horoscope for April 17th, 2016

Daily Horoscope

Free Daily Horoscope for  April 17th, 2016

Check out the free daily horoscope forecast for your sign to see what’s in store for you today, and plan for your success.


3/21 – 4/19

Free Daily Horoscope for Aries

There could be certain indecisiveness on work. Not a best day to make important decisions regarding work and career changes. You?ll enjoy what you do today and may have tendency to over do things. A good time to work on ideas that have been on your mind for a while. You can also seek help from other like minded people. Use your charm to make friends. Connections made now will add efficiency to your work as well as your handling of money. Always remember that dreams and ideas never yield a penny until you work hard to accomplish them.


4/20 – 5/20

Free Daily Horoscope for Taurus 

You are likely feeling more outrageous today than ever. This is an expressive phase in which your energies are heading outwards as you sense a surge of confidence moving out to rule the world. You have an emotional need to be heard, seen, and noticed. A greater than before desire to craft, and to exhibit your flair, is often experienced during this phase. You can expect a sudden desire/invitation to see a movie, explore the arena, play a game, or take in a play, for example. Enjoy yourself to the fullest, within reason of course.


4/20 – 5/20

Free Daily Horoscope for Gemini

Your thoughts turn inward and towards your household affairs today. You feel the call for more space to yourself than usual, and you lean to focus on building or solidifying your base (a place that provides you security, either emotional or financial). You have a greater need to look back into the feelings and past memories of being safe and comfortable. Things will happen now which remind you of your past. Think about building a solid and permanent foundation for future. A long term planning always helps.


6/22 – 7/22

Free Daily Horoscope for Cancer

You?ll find yourself communicating and exchanging your plans and ideas with people, especially with brothers/sisters or neighbors. You may also feel like making a short trip to see your family. All those fantastic ideas might also occupy your mind while you are day dreaming today. Those who are in creative roles like advertising, publishing, artists are likely to excel in their work. Expect the unexpected phone calls or emails. The day may be all about making an emotional connect with a woman who is close to you. It’s a good time to start thinking about your future, especially in terms of a relationship.


7/23 – 8/22

Free Daily Horoscope for Leo

The spotlight is on emotional security or may be lack of it. How much you have in terms of wealth and possessions can be an issue now, and tends to impact how you feel about yourself. This is certainly not a perfect time for money gambles, speculations and significant investments. Rather, you tend to keep the status quo. Try to put your expenses in line with your income and make a wise use of extra money that you have now.


8/23 – 9/22

Free Daily Horoscope for Virgo

You feel the need/desire to connect the inner self with the outer world. It’s an excellent phase to focus on new beginnings and fresh starts. You tend to take impulsive actions rather than approaching the problems objectively. Some impatience is likely now, and could drive you to make some changes to your personal habits and appearance or to your living environment. Since you?re high on energy today, think twice before making long term commitments and changes. Better safe than sorry.


9/23 – 10/22

Free Daily Horoscope for Libra

Heightened sensitivity and need/desire to bond with the higher self is today?s theme. This is often a more reclusive period in this monthly cycle when the focus shifts to pushing personal limitations and restrictions. Some of you are likely to experience disconnect/conflict between heart and brain, with heart taking the lead. Time spent alone may be necessary, and some form of emotional withdrawal is expected. Prioritize what needs to accomplished and find out what be the best way to do so.


10/23 – 11/21

Free Daily Horoscope for Scorpio

This is a more companionable and gregarious day. Stronger social responsiveness and a desire to belong to a group/organization may figure now, although sometimes it’s more about expressing your own eccentricity and breaking the rules. Networking is the keyword. However, you are more perceptive to the moods of those around you, and you could be feeling emotional about your sense of belonging (or lack of) with like-minded people. Patching up/catching up with old friends/relatives might be a good idea.


11/22 – 12/21

Free Daily Horoscope for Sagittarius

Your attention now is on getting approval for your plans and seek pride in your achievements. The focus is on establishing some kind of order and be in charge of life. There will surely be a stronger need/desire for recognition and for material accomplishments. Discontent with your situation in life could come to forefront now. You will now be evaluated for what you have done (or haven’t done). Reach out to people with all due respect, give them what they want/deserve and see how things turn up.


12/22 – 1/19

Free Daily Horoscope for Capricorn 

Freedom on all levels is the focus – not only lack of restrictions on movements and expression, but intellectual and spiritual freedom as well. The need of the hour is spreading out and growth. New experiences, dreams and ideas are all favored. You might plan for an adventure trip today or may be just tend to try a risky move. Emotional monotony or restlessness could be at the root of this. This is a good time to catch a break and get some new point of view on your life.


1/20 – 2/18

Free Daily Horoscope for Aquarius

There can be a need desire now for vivid experiences and more powerful bonds. Emotional commitments come into spotlight. You are looking for more meaning in your existence, and any activity (sexual or material) that stirs your emotions, attracts. On a more broad level, wealth and belongings could demand attention now. Thus, finances and romance will be in the spotlight. Although symbolically, something will reach its fate/end today. Try to look at life objectively and focus on what you already have.


2/19 – 3/20

Free Daily Horoscope for Pisces 

Matters related to your one to one relationship with people will occupy most of your time. You need emotional contact with others today. You can be anxious about a tie-up or partnership issues. It could be an important day for sales or deals, new contracts could be signed. And you?ll win everyone?s heart with your own charisma, dedication and even capacity for sheer hard work. Your openness is the key to success today. It’s a fine time for you to try new things or to see if you can get your friends to share their big secrets.

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