Facebook launches Instant Articles for android phones


Facebook launches Instant Articles for android phones

Facebook has launched its Instant Articles to all of its Android users.According to The Next Web, the Social network company has released Instant Articles nearly two months after rolling out to all iOS users.

Instant Articles are stories designed to load withinFacebook’s mobile apps, which allows the article to load with lesser time. It includes content from over 350 established publishers around the world so far. 

More than 350 publications around the world have already joined the Instant Articles program to date, and more than 100 are already publishing daily — with more joining each day.”

Some of the publications joining the service include the Straits Times of Singapore; India Times, France’s Le Parisien and Paris Match; Germany’s Spiegel; Britain’s Guardian, Telegraph and Daily Mail; La Nacion of Argentina and dozens of US and Canadian news outlets.

Facebook says the articles are loaded for viewing 10 times faster than on standard connections.Some analysts have expressed concern that Facebook’s program and similar offerings from Google and others could mean media organizations lose control of their audiences and content.

The media groups get full revenues from all ads they sell related to the articles, and split revenues from ads sold by Facebook.


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