Difference between Cow milk and Buffalo milk


Difference between Cow milk and Buffalo milk

 Cow milkBuffalo milk
CholesterolHigher than buffalo or camel milkLower cholesterol than cow or goat milk
Vitamins and mineralsHigher fat and protein than human milkSimilar to cow’s milk, although higher in calcium
Protein3.29%4 %
Cross reactivity of milk proteinCasein antibody cross-reactivity with goat and cow. 2-3% infants allergic to milk proteins.Some protein antibody cross-reactivity with goat and cow. One case of Buffalo milk tolerance when allergic to cow milk
Fat1-3%7-8 %
Fat characteristicNeeds to be homogenized otherwise fat rises to the top, large fat molecules have a tendency to clumpSmaller molecules which don’t clump together like in cow’s milk. Contains lower levels of agglutinin compared to cow’s milk but has similar digestibility.
Butter, cheese makingContains agglutinin, fat separates easily, butter made by churning, cheese is made using rennetTraditionally used to make mozzarella in Italy, better color and texture, yogurt is thick and creamy
HealthGood source of calcium and vitamin DLow in cholesterol, good source of nutrients such as calcium and other vitamins and minerals
ProblemsLinked to milk allergies and intolerance ranging from atopic dermatitis, diarrhea, and constipation.Contains lactose so may be a problem with those suffering with lactose intolerance
Flavor Similar to cow milk


Properties100% more fat content than cow’s milk; preserved for longerLower in fat than buffalo milk; preserved for less time.
NutritionBuffalo milk is extremely rich in calcium, and is a good source of minerals like magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus.Cow’s milk is rich in a variety of minerals, vitamins, and proteins, It is also an excellent source of calcium.
Health benefitsLess cholesterol, more fat, more calories. It is good for healthy bones, dental health, cardiovascular health, and weight gain.More cholesterol, less fat, fewer calories. It is beneficial for healthy bones, dental health, reducing obesity in children, protection from thyroid diseases, and cardiovascular health.
UsesProduces thick and creamy dairy products suitable for the manufacture of traditional milk products like yogurt and cottage cheese (called “paneer” in South Asia), as well as indigenous milk products like khoa and ghee.Dairy products: curds, sweets, cheese – but less thick and creamy
Top consumers and producersBuffalo milk is popular in South Asia (India, Pakistan) and Italy.Cow’s milk is consumed all over the world, including regions that also consume buffalo milk.


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