Dhanusu Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan 2016

Dhanusu Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan

Dhanusu Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan for Dhurmuki Year 2016

Dhanusu Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan 2016: Forecast for Dhanush Rasi (Stars : Moolam, Puradam,Uthradam 1st Pada ) which is the Vedic Sagittarius sign, for the Dhurmukhi Tamil year  2016-2017 are below.

Dhanush Rasi General Traits

Lord of Your Rasi is Guru, leading to many of your basic traits including generosity, broad-mindedness, generous to forgive other’s faults, and lovable. You are not a person running after recognition, honor, posts, etc. which of course will come to you on their own.  You are frank, very focused, and you take decision only after deep thinking, and having taken a decision you are committed to complete the decision taken with all speed and might. Your rasi symbol of loaded ‘bow and arrow’ rightly represents your personality.

Dhanusu Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan: Forecast for Dhurmuki Year 2016-2017

In a nutshell, this Dhurmuki year is a good year for Dhanush rasi persons.

This year, you will get unexpected gains & benefits! The confluence of Sun/Suryan and Mercury/Budhan in the 5th position will be very beneficial to Dhanush rasi and so whatever you take up this year, you will be successful.

Financial situation will be good this year as income will be generated.

Dhanush rasi persons will get property this year, either in the form of House or land.

For unmarried singles of Dhanush rasi, marriage will take place this year.

Unemployed and others looking fr change of career are likely to find job opportunities. Business owners will see favorable growth in business this year.

The presence of Kethu in the House of Fame (keerthi sthanam) will lead to many people helping you achieve fame & name. But use your intelligence and don’t be carried away by praises.

Positive events which bring happiness to parents are foreseen under the beneficial influence of Guru coming together with Rahu.

However, you need to exercise caution because the malefic influence of Mars/Sevvai along with Sani in the 12th place can create some unwanted trouble. You must be careful to avoid unnecessary animosity, otherwise unwanted enemies may develop, and this can cause needless hassles and running around.

The malefic effect of Sani may create some disturbance in the family.

But do not worry, the positive effect of Venus/Sukran in its peak will reduce the negative impact of many problems which Dhanush rasi persons may undergo this year.

Overall, this Dhurmuki year is a good year for Dhanush rasi.

Dhanusu Tamil Puthandu Rasi Palan: Pariharam

Generally, malefic effects of the planets can be reduced by doing the suggested pariharams. For Dhanush rasi persons, it would be helpful to pray to lord Lakshmi Narasimha, and do archanai to this god in your name on the days of your nakshatram. Also, do anna dhanam to feed atleast 1 deserving person, as this will help offset the negative effects of the planets.

Click on a rasi below to view detailed Puthandu Palangal for each rasi in English:

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