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Prime Minister calls for balanced growth across India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that growth should be balanced across India, and special efforts should be made to ensure that the east, which is rich in natural resources, is developed as the western part of the country.

He called upon industry to rethink its manufacturing strategy. “I can’t understand this strategy of industrial houses to mine coal in the East and produce power in the West.”

Mr. Modi said his government was adding a new paradigm to the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model, by involving all stakeholders in key decision-making processes. The Prime Minister said his experience during the first seven months in office was that government operates in silos, which he was trying to break down.

“The PPP model was just about investments and projects, but we have added a new dimension of decision-making to it today,” Mr. Modi said. He was addressing participants of the national workshop on ‘Make in India’.

Prime Minister’s call to make ‘Brand India’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday called for making a globally recognised “Brand India” famous for “Zero Defect, Zero Effect” Manufacturing — free from defects, and with no adverse impact on the environment.

Addressing participants of the national workshop on ‘Make in India,’ Mr. Modi said he wanted maximum movement of Men, Money, Machinery, Materials and Minerals across the country.

Recalling the ‘Make in India’ launch in September, the Prime Minister said that in the last three months, the government machinery had geared up, and was now ready to change rules and laws, and speed up processes.

“I wish to change the ABCD [Avoid Bypass, Confuse, Delay] culture of Government to the ROAD [Responsibility Ownership Accountability Discipline] to success.”

The Prime Minister said Human Resource Development and Innovation and Research should become part of the government’s DNA and should be integrated into the nations overall goals in various sectors.

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