Delhi Govt. finds Maggi samples unsafe, warns of legal action


New Delhi,  Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain on Tuesday said legal action will be initiated after 10 out of 13 samples of Maggi noodles from around the National Capital Region were tested and found unsafe.

“Legal action will be taken and more samples will be tested,” Jain, who is scheduled to meet Nestle officials tomorrow, told 

Meanwhile, the Kerala administration also ordered a pull out of the popular snack from government-run outlets.

“We have given direction to the government outlets to stop sale of Maggi for time being. Not banned Maggi in entire state, directions only applicable in government outlets considering the complaints,” said Anoop Jacob, the state’s Food and Civil Supplies Minister.

A court in Bihar had earlier in the day ordered filing of a case against the brand ambassadors and officials of Nestle India, which manufactures instant Maggi noodles.

Food safety inspectors in Uttar Pradesh have also filed a criminal complaint against Nestle’s Indian arm, after spot checks earlier this year found excess lead in some packets of Maggi instant noodles.

Uttar Pradesh Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had ordered a recall of a 2,00,000-pack batch of noodles at the end of April after the noodles showed elevated levels of monosodium glutamate (MSG), a flavour enhancer, and lead 17 times above the permissible limit during a spot check.


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