China’s new map does not change facts on ground of India’s possession: Sujatha Singh

Beijing: Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh, on Saturday reiterated India’s position vis-a-vis the controversial map shown by China on Arunachal Pradesh, saying that cartographic depiction doesn’t change facts on the ground. 

“Cartographic depiction doesn’t change facts on the ground. Our position on the areas shown in the map is well known,” Singh said.
Ani”We raised all issues of concern in our interactions with Chinese leadership. They both agreed on maintenance of peace and tranquility on India -China border is important,” she added. 
Earlier, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson, Syed Akbaruddin on Saturday reiterated India’s claim over Arunachal Pradesh as its integral part, refuting controversial new Chinese map depicting that state as part of its own. 

“Cartographic depiction doesnot change the reality of the ground. The fact that Arunachal Pradesh is inalienable part of India has been clearly conveyed to Chinese authorities on several occcasions including at the very highest level,” Akbaruddin had said.

The new map, which was unveiled recently, not only shows Arunachal Pradesh as its territory but also makes controversial claims about the South China Sea, which may trigger outrage by some other Asian countries like Vietnam and Philippines. 

This comes at a time when Vice President Hamid Ansari is in China on a bilateral visit to strengthen relations between the two neighbours. 

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