Capricorn Weekly Horoscope for period March 29, 2015 to April 4, 2015

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope April 2017

Weekly Horoscope For Capricorn

Capricorn Weekly horoscope for period March 29, 2015 to April 4, 2015

The young, the need-burdened and the infirm are drawn to you. You can recreate yourself and empathize genuinely with the feelings of others. It certainly makes you feel good about yourself! A rare kind of euphoria enters your life. There is great joy-in work.

You are full of enthusiasm for tasks, and make some truly inspired moves and suggestions. At home too, you are mentally very active, making interesting changes and turning the daily grind of domesticity into fun and pleasure.

In addition, there is the exchange of ideas, opinions, information with friends, colleagues, work mates and even superiors – like-minded people, whoever they may be, or whatever walk of like they come from this, come richly rewarding pleasures, shared in mutual insights and understanding.

Your personality is coming out in its entire splendor. In fact, change calls forth your creative aplomb, daring and intuition. You are inspired in your handling of both professional matters and personal/emotional ones.

The week is ideal for organizing or paying attention to serious matters, and buckling down in general, although it’s not especially “fun” or frivolous. Try to take advantage of your increased clarity and realism by applying your logical mind to solve some problems that might have been nagging at you.

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