Capricorn Monthly Overview Horoscope nov-2014



Capricorn  22/12- 19/1

This month will prove to be an emotional time for you, due to the Moon, and you will expect your friends and family members to support you. Do not trust others blindly, especially your co-workers as this might land you in trouble. Expect some wonderful things to happen as the first week draws to an end, which will make up for any problems that you had faced earlier. At this time you can expect things to be a lot better. A relative of yours may drop in quite unexpectedly so be prepared to entertain this person. Work will go smoothly and you will enjoy a much relaxed and improved relationship with your colleagues. Do not shy away from asking for help from your colleagues if required. An award or appreciation is certain to come your way along with chances of a promotion. Your family will lend you their support in whatever decisions you make which will make you even more confident. There are chances of your taking a break or going on a short trip. Later, under the combined influence of the Moon and Ketu, you will tend to be quite intense and short tempered and will be prone to losing your temper at the slightest provocation.

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