Capricorn Monthly Overview Horoscope January-2015

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Capricorn horoscope Capricorn Monthly Overview HoroscopeDecember  2014

Capricorn  22/12- 19/1

Monthly Overview

This month challenges you to bring out the best in you. There are certain individuals who resign to their fate and there are those who challenge their destinies and continue to persevere. You belong to the later, dear Capricorn. Despite the Venus retrograde wreaking havoc on your life, you will stay confident and not allow the negative forces to squash your dreams and aspirations. Some sore relationships at work might cause you to be stressed but with your dedication and sincerity you will be able to win the hearts and trust of everyone. Mercury will move into Aquarius on January 12, urging you to use communication as a way to make new contacts and further yourself professionally. Around 20th January, with the movement of the Sun in Aquarius, some minor problems with regards to your relationships may surface. Your friendship with a member of the opposite sex at work might not go down well with your partner. You must evaluate whether this friendship is worth risking your relationship. On the upside, the Aquarius Sun enhances your creativity and you are able to find an innovative solution to a pressing problem at work. This will again bring you in the limelight, as you climb your way to the top of the professional ladder. However, health will be a huge concern for you throughout the month. You are inclined to overtire your body and overlook health problems.

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