Capricorn Monthly Horoscope – July 2015

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Find out what the month of July has in store for you!

July 2015 Horoscope for Capricorn

You can expect a good start when it comes to your personal life as Venus transits into Cancer. Your focus in life is shifting to the people around you and your relationships with them. You must find your work-life balance so that your significant other, children or parents are given at least the same amount of time you give your co-workers, superiors or subordinates. Your family members and those who are close to you will support you in all your endeavors. They are the ones who really matter in your life after all.

Change is the only permanent thing, and if you learn to accept it you would do great this month. You must have your wits and be alert at work during the majority of this month. If you have good people skills, use them to build relationships and if you don’t, get them. Your need to communicate with others is greater now than most times and to communicate effectively, you need to learn how to deal with others.

July-October 2015 could be a good time to analyze your goals and a means to re-evaluate your career. Minor setbacks for professionals. A potential, or actual threat may exist, coming between you and your position in your business. Those in authority may put you under a lot of stress to meet the looming deadlines. You must be vigilant as ever during this time to overcome the negativity which may be hurtling toward you even now. Any progress made during this period will be slow, stay calm and focused and soon your efforts will lead to positive results. In spite of what looks like gloom and doom, you have those people you love to fall back on when this time becomes difficult. Close ties with your loved ones will help ease your suffering.

For those who are self-employed you may need to negotiate a lot in order to grab lucrative deals. If you do a lot of work with clients one on one, such as going to meet them at home or elsewhere, you will be especially busy during this time. In regard to collaborations, this month is very dynamic for you, but it could become turbulent.

Close ties with family, friends and even romantic relationships are all prospering. Your attention will be more on your romance, your friendships and perhaps even professional relationships this month. By large, your role is that of initiator, as you would rather take the first step than wait for things to happen in their own course. Now is the time to be social.

Marriage is also on the cards for those who are considering taking their relationship to a new level. There is plenty of compassion and sharing waiting for you this month. Communication on a deeper level will help you strengthen your family ties. Sometimes you might be too rash or tactless, and there is risk of conflict throughout July 2015. However, with patience and communication, peace and harmony can prevail on the domestic front.

Luck will favor you in course of time, so be patient. But possibilities of health problems or accidents cannot be ruled out as Mercury enters Cancer. Your health concerns are not as acute as last month, as things have probably improved. But your nerves are still under a lot of pressure. The stress might originate from interactions with others. Avoid excesses and imprudence. Stay alert and be careful, prevention is better than cure.

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