Cancer Weekly Horoscope for April 5 – 11

Cancer Monthly Horoscope April 2017

Cancer: Overview – Weekly Horoscope

You will complete all your tasks with amazing efficiency this week. Nothing seems impossible at this time. You step out of your usual ways to get things done.

You begin your week with tons of assignments, obligations and a busy schedule.  At the start of the week, you will be given to partying and indulging in pleasure-seeking activities due to powerful Venus, along with Mars, in opposition to the debilitated Moon placed in the 5th House from your Sign. But from Wednesday onwards, the reality of life may dawn on you, making you more serious about your responsibilities. This is because the full Moon will be nearing, and Saturn will be placed in the 6th House from your Sign. You will now pay more attention to your work and realistic goals. Also, with the exalted Sun placed in the 10th House in conjunction with Mercury, businessmen shall be able to implement their expansion plans. But, the presence of Ketu in the 10th House from your Sign may hold you back from giving your 100 percent to your tasks or projects. Also, emotional security will be of utmost importance to you. Your attitude will undergo major changes during this period with the Sun moving in. This changed attitude of yours helps you complete all your tasks.
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