Cancer Monthly Overview Horoscope December-2014


6/21 – 7/22

Monthly Overview

There are a lot of opportunities for you, both personally, professionally and romantically, according to Jupiter and Venus. Be unafraid of revealing your feelings to those close to you.
Some of you may be a bit edgy and impatient. Channelize it towards completing pending tasks. You will have to take the suggestions of the other members of your family before taking any decisions either on your personal or domestic front, advise Jupiter and Mercury.
A break seems on the horizon as you go out a pleasure trip. In your rush to hurry a contract to the closing table, you might be a bit brusque. It’s okay for you to be offhand every now and then because it reminds others to not push you too far. You are likely to find solace in the company of your friends and you will spend much of your time with them, mid month. Your anxiety will, willy-nilly, vanish in their presence.
This is also a time when you decide to give up an old, harmful habit and quite happy about this decision. There is one aspect you must take care of: not let your words hurt anyone close to you. There will be ample chances where you’d feel like saying what comes first to your mind; do refrain or there may be regrets later, advises Mercury.

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