Cancer Monthly Horoscope November 2016: Overview

Cancer Monthly Horoscope for November 2016 forecasts that this month will begin on a mixed note – there shall be some hectic times, but the promise of some respite shall keep you in a cheerful mood. However, if do not remain careful, this month you could miss out on some good opportunities–to make some extra cash.

The initial weeks of this month, on the professional front you will roll up your sleeves to make up for the time lost. It will be time for you to pace your speed. As Sun makes its presence felt on Aries, you will work hard to meet the looming deadlines and you will find some kind of joy doing so as you wish to remain in the good books of those in authority.

This will be a favorable period and will remain the same till the second week of the month, new opportunities will be on the rise and it is important for you to weigh down all the pros and cons before deciding on something tangible.

Travel is also indicated as Jupiter remains in Cancer, this could be a business related trip or an overdue trip with family or friends. But high expenses are foreseen and businessmen need to stay on alert or else you could miss on some opportunities to make monetary gains.

As per your planetary configurations, postpone taking important decisions regarding financial matters. Keep a watchful eye on your previous investments, and if the returns are not satisfactory, take steps to invest your funds in a better avenue. You are likely to gain by renting or selling a property. This will put you in a financially comfortable position.

For some of you who may have been waiting for a loan to be sanctioned, things look positive this month. Use this money to save or make some property investment and manage it accordingly avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Being family-oriented, you are likely to decide to spend a part of this financial gain for your family’s betterment. You are also likely to plan a pilgrimage or a family outing to maintain the cheer and harmony. Your personal life may get affected due to the pressure at work, but everything seems good and there will no major problems. Avoid any petty dispute with your spouse or partner and maintain the domestic harmony.

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