Cancer Monthly Horoscope June 2015


June 2015 brings Cancerians good luck with finances. Professionally, financially in matters of the heart, positive results are foreseen. You will have a sense of awareness of your own limitations this month, leading up to your birthday phase, be they physical, emotional or even financial, as well as a sense of being confined and restricted. A time to make special efforts to get along with others – both professionally and personally. Changes initiated now may prove beneficial in the long run, both materially and otherwise.

The second half of June 2015 is more relaxed, but for Cancerians it will bring back to surface older issues regarding sexuality, children or love, that demand to be solved by September. NOT a time to go overboard, in terms of self-pity, to see troubles where none exist, or attempt to solve the world’s problems. It might be a good idea to maintain a low profile and be less vocal.

There can be some restlessness when it comes to money and spending it–you are more inclined to want more things around you! Decisions regarding money or career are taken based on feelings. Financial security and enjoyment of the good things in life are important to you, although you also value simple pleasures. The ability to relate well with others might enhance your own personal finances during this period. With both Benefics – Venus and Jupiter – in Cancer’s house of money, June 2015 brings you good luck with money.

To get that money though, you might have to do some secret maneuvering or resort to some less than orthodox methods.  This is a stable position for love matters and close relationships. You value those who make you feel comfortable, and familiarity is more important to you than someone new. Things develop nicely on the professional front, but it’s possible that acknowledgement and success might manifest themselves in the last week of June 2015.

Some of you might get carried away and get involved with drugs, alcohol, or in covert activities. You have to take care of yourself, keep close watch on your affections and stay away from indiscretions, excesses and risky situations, especially in the first half of the month, or, better yet, for the first two thirds of the month. There is also a tendency to negate or ignore feelings of aggression, and not wishing to display them, they are repressed. Stay away from illegal or immoral endeavors and avoid dealings with shady people

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