BJP MPs to learn etiquette and other things in Modi ki pathshala

File photo of Modi doing yoga with bureaucrats in Gujarat. Photo: Shailesh Raval
Senior party leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi will teach MPs on etiquettes to be followed in Parliament and things to follow as people’s representatives.
A document of do’s and don’ts has been prepared which mentions a number of things to be followed by BJP MPs. The document starts with saying that whenever the MP is in Delhi, he or she should mark their presence in Parliament.
Every MP will be asked to present a roadmap for their constituency and the works they want to be done in their areas in the next five years.
No MP should come with personal issues or issues related to transfer/posting of any officials anywhere.
Younger MPs should send their issues in writing to senior party leaders and ministers who will send it to the PMO after scrutiny.
No MP should comment in the media on issues other than his constituency unless he is asked by the government or the party to do so.
MPs should also be vigilant from possible sting operations and only comment on what is necessary.
Whenever an MP is traveling, he should produce genuine bills for claiming LTC and other benefits. If any news of wrong claims appears in media, disciplinary action shall be taken against the concerned MP.
While booking train tickets, most MPs book ticket for their spouses.
It has been found that others travel with the MP on the ticket supposed to be for the spouse. This practice should be immediately stopped. It will be the responsibility of the MP that whoever travels with him should have proper reservation tickets.
Every MP should take help of their staff and younger family members to become more tech savvy. At least they should have a presence on Twitter to start with.
In the two-day session, there will be a special social media session where MPs will be briefed upon the importance of social media and how to use different social media tools.
It will be followed by a short exercise to evaluate how much have they learnt from the session.
There is also a plan to form a committee of new MPs who would be directed to look into whether each MP is following the proposed agenda.
The BJP is planning to hold such orientation programmes across the country in all BJP-ruled states.
A similar programme was held starting from June 21 in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, where all the BJP legislators and MPs from the state participated.

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