Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Halla Bol: Sana leaves Farah’s class, nominates Mehek with ‘Bigg Bomb


The second day of Weekend Ka Vaar this week turned out more interesting.

Housemates ran towards the box but in Bigg Boss house nothing is revealed without a twist. So Farah also didn’t reveal about the box in the starting of episode.

Housemates were then asked to name the worst student. And as expected Karishma this week earned the title herself by confronting Rahul Mahajan.

While she wanted to become a damsel in distress, things turned her opposite as no one supported her approach regarding the issue

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Karishma was made to sit on the punishment chair. Dimpy was then made to sit on another chair and sing a song dedicated to the closest person in the house. She sang for Rahul.

Farah then played the game of ‘ yes or no’ and housemates were asked various questions to which others answered in favour or against.

Questions were thrown at Dimpy, Karishma, Pritam and Ali. Karishma was made to answer if she is playing with Upen’s emotions or not.

Karisham then defended herself by saying though she likes Upen, she is taking time like any other girl to know understand her feelings and let them grow. With Pritam, Dimpy felt that he has lost focus in the game.

Mahesh Bhatt visited with his actors from his upcoming movie ‘Khamoshiyan’. Farah and he shared a lovely dance on the title track.

Gurmeet’s wife Debina is a big fan of Gullu a.k.a Gautam and to prove he has better abs than the latter, Gurmeet did a special ab-show performance for Farah.

The housemates did small scene under the guidance of Mahesh Bhatt. Each and everyone performed so well that it looked real.

While speaking to Farah, Mahesh Bhatt said that Rahul Mahajan has the potential to become a character artist.

In the Bigg Cargo sequence, Farah showed a hilarious footage of Ali oiling and massaging all housemates in different time of the week.

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As punished for being the worst student, Farah Khan punished Karishma to be handcuffed the whole day along with Rahul Mahajan. Only at the time of loo they will be released by captain Ali.

Farah also disclosed ‘briefcase ka raaz’. Housemates were told that the briefcase contains Rs.25 lakh, which was additional to the winning amount and all of them are eligible to win it. But how and when will be revealed later in the week.

At the end, Sana Khan got evicted and she nominated Mehek Chahal directly for next week eviction.



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