Bigg Boss set to get feisty as international stars will enter the house!


As if Bigg Boss 8 wasn’t rowdy enough it seems as though producers are adamant to make this the most twisted series yet by making international stars the ‘King and Queen’.

Reality TV star, Kim Kardashian and controversial Youtube sensation, BradTheLadLong are both set to make an appearance in the Bigg Boss house on the 22nd November.

Inside sources revealed that the Indian housemates will have to make their Celebrity guests feel welcome and do whatever they say! There will be a ‘King and Queen’ theme to it where the house will be transformed into a palace and only Kim and Brad will be entitled to use the luxuries the house has to offer. The actual houseguests may be allowed to use it in the exceptional circumstances that the A-listers deem them ‘cool enough’.

After spending the day in the house, Kim and Brad will have the fatal decision before they leave of choosing one housemate to leave through the back door with them! This is going to be a huge shock for viewers as it’s something that has never happened before and it is expected to cause outrage.

So our Bigg Boss competitors will have to be on their best behaviour when the demanding superstars enter the house because if they get on their wrong side they may find themselves out of the house forever.

Producers are also hoping that the two celebs may even clash themselves when they enter! It is reported that Brad and the Kardashian’s have an on-going row after Kim’s sister, Khloe, refused to enter the UK’s ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ because she believed Brad would be going in also,HollywoodLife reported. In the end, neither of the pair turned up on the show despite being heavily rumoured in the press to do so…were they both not keen on living together? It will all be revealed come Saturday!

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