Bigg Boss Nau: Second finalist Priya Malik gets eliminated

Priya Malik,

Bigg Boss Nau: Second finalist Priya Malik gets eliminated

Priya had recently secured a place in the finals for herslef, but looks like the audience do not want to see her in the finals.This weekend’s eviction might shock all the Bigg Boss 9 fans!Priya Malik, who was selected as the second finalist in the Friday’s episode, will be seen getting eliminated tonight.

Although a wild card entry, Priya Malik gave a tough competition to the rest of the housemates and soon became a favourite amongst the audience. She was nominated this week for eviction.

Last week, with Imam Siddique’s entry into the house, the competition became more interesting. Imam was given the choice to select two contestants for the finalists’ place in the competition and he selected the wild card entries of the house — PRiya Malik and Rishabh Sinha.

After a unanimous decision by the other housemates, Priya was selected as the second finalist. However, Bigg Boss had announced that she is still not safe from this weekend’s eliminations.

Prince had secured his place in the finals last week itself.

Meanwhile, Akshay Kumar withBigg Boss had made it clear that in order to reach the finale, she has to survive this week’s nomination. But unfortunately, Priya, who was touted as one of the strongest contenders to win BB9 trophy has been evicted. Akshay Kumar and co-star Nimrat Kaur, who visited ‘Bigg Boss’ to promote ‘Airlift’ were given the responsibility to get the evicted contestant out of the house. Nimrat Kaur will be seen on the show tonight with Salman Khan to promote their upcoming movie ‘Airlift


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