Bigg Boss Halla Bol Day 6: Sambhavana again targets Dimpy, Rahul openly flirts with Karishma



New Delhi: On the day 6 we saw that Ali and Mehek resolved their differences while Gautam was still maintaining some distance with Ali.

The morning began with Ali and Gautam’s argument. While making breakfast, Gautam ignored Ali’s requests, which instigated the Dubai based singer.

The argument soon took an ugly turn when the two started referring each other as Takli and Nakli.

The housemates tried their best to cheer up the two and to put a quick end to the fight. But the two continued to pull each others legs.

At first the housemates enjoyed the humor in their argument, but later on were surprised how they dragged a petty issues beyond extent. Gautam was instigating Ali to hit him so that he can also be thrown out of the house very much like Ajaz.

Finally, Mehek intervened and resolved the issue between Gautam and Ali. She also promised to not make comments that will hurt him. The three hugged each other and solved the matter.

Gautam came forward and resolved all the differences between him and Ali. Ali was happy that Gautam took that step and promised to be only an entertainer in the show.

Pritam was asked to select best eligible candidates for captaincy after discussing it with Champions. Karishma and Pritam were chosen as the eligible contestant for Captaincy.

The two had to compete against each other in a task where they had to Tanna has to hang upside down from a web.

The contestant who stays longer in that position will become the first captain of the new extended season.

Pritam was the first to give up declaring Tanna as the clear winner of the task. Karishma Tanna is the first captain of the house and will rule over Champions and Challengers.

Dimpy was again having a word with Ali that regarding her marriage with Rahul. She also reveals that Karismha had taken favors from Rahul in the past and then blocked him from contacts.

Sambhavana has some personal issues with Dimpy and violently buffs off all her remarks. Dimpy has excellently maintained her calm stature, while Sambhavana was rudely shooing her off.

Rahul was giving his ex-wife some golden tips to maintain a positive image in the house.

Dimpy was offended by the statements made by Rahul and was inconsolably crying. She then confronted Rahul asking him why is he creating a negative image himself by expressing his attraction towards Karishma.

Dimpy’s confrontations took a different turn when she involved other contestants into their personal conversation. Dimpy was upset that Rahul is not taking stand for her when he is concerned so much about her.

Dimpy, though indirectly, also shared how envious she was with Karishma saying how Rahul was flirting around with her. Karishma, who is known to be very particular about things like this, told her not to worry at all.

Karishma ensured Dimpy that even if Rahul flirted with her or expressed things, she would take things lightly just because Dimpy was around.

Pritam and Ali gave Dimpy a word that they will stand by her if Sambhavana pounces on her next time. But they also advised her not to give a single reason that will instigate the fighter lady to create a scene.

The invisible border between the territories of the Champions and the Challengers has created a very deep crack amongst the housemates.


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