Bigg Boss Hall Bol Day 7: No eviction, Sambhavna to wash Rahul-Dimpy’s dirty laundry



New Delhi: Director-turned Bigg Boss host Farah Khan took a class of Big Boss housemates and bluntly spoke her mind in yesterday’s episode.

She first informed the audience that there would not be any elimination this week but would keep it a secret from housemates till the end.

Inside the house Rahul kept flirting with Karishma and called her princess. Though Karishma said she has a boyfriend, Rahul insisted that she does not.

Rahul later discussed his feelings for Karishma to Sambhavna and she told her that Karishma does not feel anything for him.

Rahul then told Sambhavna that he texted Karishma outside the house but she did not reply. In answer Sambhavna told him that how does he expect that she would feel something for him now?

Farah Khan then addressed the contestants and first she took a dig at Dimpy for crying too much.

The host Farah asked contestants’ about each other’s performance. Based on the votes, Ali and Sambhavna were declared failed and Karishma and Rahul were declared the top of the class.

Ali is asked to get on the stand and then Farah complimented him for playing the game very well and getting Ajaz out of the house. Sambhavna also stated that  it was Ali’s acting of being hurt by Ajaz that got him out.
Everyone agreed when Farah said that Gautam Gulati ‘Gullu’ is now under the influence of Sambhavna as he was under Puneet Issar. Later in the episode a Snapdeal caller also said the same thing and gifted a bell to Gutam to warn him of Sambhavna’s influence.

During the day inside the house every member of champions’ team was to choose one luxury item and Karishma chose Nutella. She had earlier said that she hates Nutella so everyone blamed her that it was a favour to Gautam.

Farah then asked Sambhavna to get on the stand and asked about her behaviour during the week, especially when she hurled a shoe at Dimpy. Sambhavna tried to justify it by saying that Dimpy’s actions prompted her to do so, she is not very convincing. Dimpy claimed that Sambhavna has a preconceived notion about her and she is targeting her on purpose.
Farah then pulled up everyone’s leg about the incident asking why nobody came for Dimpy’s rescue. She said that Karishma always took a stand against wrongs but not this time and this was because she is afraid of Sambhavna.

Rahul said that Sambhavna feels insecure and in front of camera she gets so aggressive and overactive and tries really hard to stay in the show. In the reply Smbhavna claimed that Rahul asked her to target Dimpy when they met outside the house. She also revealed that Rahul asked her not to be physical against Dimpy. In reply Rahul denied the statement.

When asked to choose the best player of the week, the team chose Mehek to save her from being nominated, though Rahul won all the tasks. Gutam was chosen to be the weakest player of the week. In reply Gautam said he is not shocked.

The show then moved to the punishment point and Farah said the punishment must be respected. She asked captain Karishma to choose two people whose clothes Sambhavna would wash as a punishment. She chose Rahul and Dimpy to which Sambhavna agreed.

Mehek then started to walk out as she thought she is being eliminated but Farah then stated that no one would be eliminated this week and the show end on a happy note.


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