Bigg Boss 9 Priya Malik out of the Race to Finale!

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Bigg Boss 9 Priya Malik out of the Race to Finale!

Priya Malik tried her level best to annoy, enrage and defeat her rival contestants but ended up losing the Ticket to Finale task.

On day 86, Bigg Boss announced the Ticket to Finale task which had contestants trying to protect their sand-filled containers in the garden area. The trick was to also simultaneously try to reduce the amount of sand in the other’s container. Thus began a day of bickering, taunting, yelling, scratching, pushing, shoving and ‘getting physical’.

In the beginning, Prince opened that tap of Priya’s container so the sand would drain out, while Mandana attacked Rochelle’s. Mandana’s attack proved costly for Rochelle as the tap broke. Rochelle then spent the entire day with her finger in the nozzle trying to stop the sand from coming out.

Soon, Kishwar and Prince chose their new target–Priya. Priya had showered enough taunts on Prince by then to put him into a combative mode. Mandana also joined the duo in targeting Priya. Amidst all the pushing, shoving, throwing sand on each other’s face and the use of ‘physical force’, Prince managed to break the tap of Priya’s container. Once the tap was broken, Priya was unstoppable.

She went around throwing sand from everybody’s containers. When she used her strength to open the taps of Mandana and Rochelle’s containers, all the viewers could hear were screams and allegations of ‘getting physical in the task’.

Since Priya chose to create a ruckus instead of protecting her container, she paid the price for it by getting eliminated from the race. Priya being Priya, however, continued her mission to empty everybody’s container.

As the duration of the task ended, the housemates started strategising about the next day’s game. While Kishwar said she would target Rochelle (she doesn’t consider Rochelle a good friend anymore), Keith advised Rochelle to pull Rishabh to her side. Rishabh was of the opinion that the game would get interesting only if the tap of Kishwar’s container was broken.

As rightly pointed out by him, Kishwar’s container was untouched through the day. We don’t call her a potential winner for nothing. Meanwhile, Prince and Priya’s ugly fight continued till the night. Though it is hard to determine the reason behind their rivalry, it seems it will only get more intense in the coming days.


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