Bigg Boss 9 day 73

Bigg Boss 9 day 73

Bigg Boss 9 day 73

Suyyash comes to Prince’s rescue. He not only wins a task and captaincy but also Rs 4 lakh for the house.So far, the housemates felt that Mandana was not serious about the tasks, but last night even Bigg Boss condemned her for her lackadaisical attitude. For Suyyash, it was a good day as he not only won a task, but also became the captain of the house for this week. He also turned out to be reason behind recovering Rs 4 lakh from the lost amount.

In the third leg of the Baazi task, the teams had to challenge each other to perform several tasks. Suyyash and Priya won the challenge against Keith and Nora (7-3). And Since Prince had placed Rs 4 lakh bet on Suyyash and Priya, the amount was added to the total prize money.

On day 73, Bigg Boss announced the procedure for this week’s captaincy task. In the task, one person from each pair was eligible to compete for captaincy, the other person had to take up double trouble room task. The double trouble room task this week will have a direct effect on next nominations.

After much discussion, Priya and Suyyash decided that Suyyash will compete for captaincy, while Priya will go to the double trouble room. Mandana and Kishwer decided that Mandana will compete for captaincy and Kishwer will take up the double trouble task. But, Rochelle and Rishabh both insisted on participating in the captaincy task,hence they were disqualified.

In the captaincy task, Suyyash and Mandana had to hold a golden ring in their hands. Whoever left it first would lose the task. Mandana, who was anyway not interested in captaincy, left the ring within 2-3 minutes. As soon as she left the ring, Bigg Boss announced Suyyash the captain of the house and condemned Mandana in strong words for her lackadaisical attitude towards the task.

Meanwhile, Mandana spent her day fighting with Priya and Gisele. Priya blasted Mandana for telling her to ‘go back to Australia’ accusing her of racism. In an emotional outburst, Priya went on to say that she hopes one day Mandana will also face racism, then she will understand how hurtful it is. Gisele on the other hand, slammed Mandana for commenting on her class.

 Priya, is turning out to be the most dramatic character in the show. The 28-year-old swore upon her husband, teary-eyed, to shrug off the allegations by Prince that she called Rishabh Mandana’s ‘sidekick’.Day 73 witnessed one more typical Bigg Boss fight–‘trivial matter, major chaos.’ In the Secret Santa task, Rishabh had kept a letter for Nora, in which it was written, “aapke liye mudde main launga.
The content of the letter and the fact that it was written in Hindi didn’t go down well with Nora, and she walked up to slam Rishabh. When Gisele jumped in to defend Rishabh, Nora called her ‘background dancer’. The phrase ‘background dancer’ enraged Gisele and she warned Nora not to make personal comments else she will start giving it back in equal measure. Nora’s ‘dear friend’ Prince defended her in front of Gisele, but at the same time, told Nora that her comment was not in a good taste.

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