Bigg Boss 9 Day 3


Bigg Boss 9 Day 3

Bigg Boss 9 Day 3,Navratri fervour is hitting the Bigg Boss hard and Arvind Vegda is only promoting his excitement surrounding his favourite festival. Smelling the coffee and waking up to a medley of songs Tattad Tattad and Bhai Bhai, Arvind is having Yuvika, Ankit and Prince on their feet playing garba to the wake-up call song.
Further in the day, Prince is seen taking his game with Yuvika forward full throttle. Expressing to Yuvika how he gets negative vibes from Aman, Kishwer and Suyyash, Prince opens up to all in the house about his feelings for Yuvika. Taking a stand for Yuvika when she is getting brickbats for being klutzy with the paranthas, Prince Charming multi-tasks by also being her Knight in Shining Armour! (allso read : BIGG BOSS 9 DAY 2)

On the other hand, Mandana’s mood is beginning to create quite a ruckus inside the house. In the morning, she is seen telling partner Keith how his girlfriend Rochelle needs to take a chill pill and that she is not here to break them up! She is also seen fuming at Aman when he is playfully stopping her from punching him.

The phobia task continues, gathering momentum, even as Bigg Boss is upping the ante and announcing that the luxury budget will be delegated to the pair who wins the challenge.

In a surprise turn of events boyfriend Suyyash along with Rimi is seen challenging girlfriend Kishwer and her partner Aman to the Melophobia (the fear of music) task. Playing the mouth organ inside a dead fish’s mouth, Kishwer and Aman are demonstrating how music can indeed be scary! Featuring in the hit list of the house, Kishwer and Aman are once again being challenged by Vikas and Yuvika for the Trichophobia(the fear of hair) task.

Donning a shampooed hair mask on their face for a total of five minutes, the duo succeeds in completing this task too! A double whammy for the rest of the house – it is looking like double trouble is just sneakily hiding around a corner.(also read : Bigg Boss 9: Four couples will be nominated on Day 01 )

The next challenge which is surrounding the fear of needles or Trypanophobia is given to Suyyash and Rimi by Roopal and Digangana. Realising that this challenge would require them to make permanent tattoos of ‘Bigg Boss’, Suyyash requests Bigg Boss to let them know the size of the tattoos. Without any clear indication of the size, Rimi refuses to have the tattoo made.

Upon understanding that the size of the tattoo is too big for their comfort, Suyyash throws a hissy fit saying that the font and size is not acceptable to them. Citing unfair treatment upon not getting an answer from Bigg Boss, Suyyash’s temper levels quickly escalate. Raising the white flag, when the duo comes back into the living area, Mandana is seen taunting Suyyash about his comment against her. Breaking down and crying, Mandana creates quite a ruckus while Suyyash apologises to her and is even crooning a song to make her feel better!

On the other hand, Rochelle is feeling quite disappointed that their jodi was not challenged for any task and hence, did not get any opportunity. Immediately jumping into action, partner Prince is seen telling her that the rest of the house is feeling threatened by them.( allso read :Bigg Boss 9: Contestants get their first jhatka Vikas, Keith forced to wear women’s dresses )

Just before lights go out, Mandana is seen making quite a scene of having to sleep anywhere within a kilometre’s radius near Vikas and Arvind. However, Mandana’s stubborn attitude does not help her case. In a funny turn of events, Kishwer is seen imitating
Mandana while narrating her selfish attitude to others as they call it a day.

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