Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol Day 9: Love is in the air for Karishma-Upen!


The equations between the housemates keeps changing every day in the Bigg Boss house, where in yesterday’s episode at one end the proximity between Upen and Karishma was increasing, on the other hand, distance seemed to be widening between Mehek and Sambhavna.

We already reported that Karishma told Upen that she missed him quite a lot and Upen proposed to the scorching beauty with a perfume.

Karishma was taken aback to hear the proposal and asked some time to think about it. Now she has thought about it and has responded positively to Upen’s proposal.

The duo got cozy during the night inside the bedroom and while talking to each other, the leggy beauty kissed Upen on the lips.

In the morning of Day 9, the things started on the normal note but later turned out dramatic.

Since the initiation of Bigg Boss – Halla Bol, the Challengers had been sustaining in the house with severe disadvantages at every stage.

Doing all the errands of the house have been one of the main responsibilities of the Challengers. The inequitable distribution of responsibilities had raised questions about Karishma Tanna’s incompetence as a captain in the Bigg Boss house.

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On the second day of the luxury budget task, ‘Bigg Boss ka Call Center’ the roles were reversed. Challengers were now at the receiving end of the disgruntled customers now being portrayed by the Champion.

Later, Ali chose to target Gautam and settled old scores with him. Gautam began his work on a good note as he dealt with Ali in a cool manner. But soon, Ali’s negative remarks to irritate Gautam turned into funny comments on his actions.

The Champions gain nothing out of Ali’s attempt and point out to him that he was looking more funny than serious about his real work. Ali defended himself saying he had to make effort to entertain the janta all along.

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Sambhavna dialed the number to speak to Mehek. Sam began hurling charges on Mehek for being miffed with Sana and her because she was not chosen for the captaincy post by the Challengers team.

A confident Mehek defended herself very calmly and tried dodging the allegations like a honed player.

Keeping this in mind, Karishma decided to take on Rahul Mahajan by calling him at the Call Center and insulting. She thought that she will coax him to lose the task.

Dimpy got disturbed with Karishma’s agenda and tried to stop her by asking her to speak to Rahul face to face instead. However, Dimpy’s words fall on Karishma’s deaf ears.

Karishma went ahead to dial the Call Center’s number to speak to Rahul. She began throwing allegations at him for flirting with her in the presence of his wife and trying to woo her by showing the might of his money.

Rahul accepted his faults and apologised to her to get her off the phone but his efforts went down the drain.


On the other hand, a sad Dimpy heard the conversation helplessly and left the place to sob in the restroom.

In today’s episode Dimpy will lend her support to Rahul and will hug him in front of everyone.


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