Bigg Boss 8, Halla Bol Day 8: Upen gets romantic with Karishma during a task!


Bigg Boss – Halla Bol seems to be raising the entertainment quotient with each passing day.

With the contestants starting a countdown of the number of days to the finale, evicted contestant Upen Patel’s dramatic re-entry on the show has got all of the other housemates including Karishma Tanna on their toes.

Given a second opportunity on the show to complete his unfulfilled aspiration, Upen Patel was charming his way in to the hearts of the housemates.

Spilling gifts on Karishma and expressing his feelings for her, Upen had been pouring his heart out at every opportunity he gets. But all was not okay when rumors were spread in the house resulting into misunderstandings and differences between close allies.

The episode started with heated conversation between Dimpy and Karishma over comments on personal life. Dimpy looked displeased with Karishma’s way of using her personal life for her benefits.

As Bigg Boss announced this week’s luxury budget competition ‘Call Center’, the housemates started to plan strategies to outwit their opponents in the task. During this task, the Bigg Boss house was converted into a call center run by the Champions and the Challengers turn by turn.

The Challengers were the aggrieved customers that made calls to complain at the call center, where the Champions acted like employees servicing to the grievances of its customers.

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While the customers’ question the employees about matters relating to the house and their individual differences, the employees at all times had to maintain a polite tone and at no point of time can hang-up on their ranting customers.

As the Challengers begun to formulate their strategies at the Call Center, they rejoiced in the opportunity to vent out their anger on the Champions with whom they cannot tolerated to see eye-to-eye.

A 10 minute call during the task was test the patience of the housemates that can result into a confrontation between the Champions and the Challengers if they cannot control their nerves.

The very first caller was Gautam who called Ali and asked him about Ajaz’s eviction. Ali looked quite miffed with Gautam but didn’t cut the phone line.

The second call for the day was for Mehek from Sana. Sana was somehow holding a lot many things in her heart since the nominations happened.

The call was dropped because Sana failed to provoke Mehek. Later, Sana was seen screaming in the kitchen about what she felt bad and Mehek in a way backstabbed her.

This time, Sambhavna and Sana stood together as against Mehek calling her selfish, who switched to Champions team.

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Sana was so furious that when Gautam intervened in between she told him, “Aap selective baatein sunte ho aur unpar decision base karte ho.” Now this made Gautam very angry and he left the place.

But in between all the chaos, Upen made a very romantic call to Karishma through the task and confessed his feelings to her.

He asked her to give up the task if she believed in their friendship but Karishma remained true to her task and didn’t give up. Upen’s husky voice managed to woo all girls in the house and made them go awww.

In the coming episode champions will turn into customers and provoke the challengers to the core.


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