Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol Day 13: Karishma Tanna breaks up with boyfriend


The day in Bigg Boss house started on a very happy note as it was Pritam’s birthday.

In the morning Pritam got a sweet birthday surprise as his friend RJ Mallishka woke him up from her show ‘Good Morning Mumbai’ on REd FM! Not only that, Pritam also got to talk to his wife Amanjyot through Mallishka and she shared sweet messages for all.

Mallishka being the clever woman she is, didn’t leave the chance to ask UpMA (Upen and Karishma) of what’s cooking between them?

Karishma admitted that she has strong feelings for Upen and once they are out she will definitely end things with her boyfriend.

Ali was heard sharing with Dimpy that KT’s boyfriend Rushabh Choksi is his real good friend and when he had entered this house as wild card entry, Rushabh had sent along loads of gifts for KT.

He felt bad for his friend the way Karishma is ditching him on national TV and when the time comes he will stand in support of his friend Rushabh and not Upen or Karishma.

Finally the task to win the Rs 25 lacs in briefcase was announced called ‘Torture cage’.

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Every housemate had to press their buttons for as long as they could inside the cage and can’t get out for anything. Whoever stands till last gets safe from next nominations and if he/she is challenger or champion vice-versa, the amount goes to that team.

On finale, for example, if a champion is declared final winner and the said team has won in this challenge then this amount will be added to the winning amount.

But if a challenger wins in finale and this task is won by a champion then the winning amount will remain the same.

Rahul was the first to give up the task and stood in support of Dimpy. Karishma tried to make a deal with Ali offering him to pay a lakh if he gives up.

Ali haggled and brought up the amount to 2 lakhs and when KT promised to pay so he left the task.

Mehek tried her best to trouble Gautam and Karishma but failed, as both have been champions who sat for 36hrs in Hijack task. Eventually she too gave up realising that Challengers don’t have much chances of winning this game.

Bigg Boss sent in another twist giving housemates a chance to opt out of the game and whoever opts out will get to directly nominate someone in the next week.

Karishma showed interest in taking the option but Upen was trying to convince her not to do so. And when Dimpy tried to take the chance, Karishma announced she is taking it and Upen supported her. KT then left the task.

Dimpy blamed Upen for being biased as he didn’t give everyone an equal chance to think about the option and took Karishma’s name.

The two argued calling each other losers but later when Dimpy cried Upen went upto her and apologised and the two made up.

Left in the task are  Sambhavna, Dimpy, Pritam and Gautam. It will be interesting to see who will win the task.


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