Bigg Boss 8: Gautam-Diandra’s emotional reunion



Bigg Boss 8: Gautam-Diandra’s emotional reunion (see pics) PRINTFONT SIZE New Delhi: Evicted Bigg Boss contestant Diandra Soares again entered the house today but not as a wild card entry but as a part of the task freeze and release. Every contestant had to stay in freeze mode when she entered the house. Gautam Gulati was later released from the task and he hugged Diandra. The duo went emotional on seeing each other. They later spent some time in the garden area talking and sipping coffee. While talking to Gautam, Diandra told him that she is not upset with him for any matter. She also said that she would like him to win the show and wished him good luck. The freeze and release task has been part of Bigg Boss every year.

Family members of the contestants are allowed to enter the house through it. Puneet Issar’s wife also entered the house as part of the task. Diandra’s entry surprised everyone in the house including Gautam with whom she was romantically linked while in the house. Her romantic relationship and their time spent intimately triggered the rumour that Diandra was pregnant when she visited a doctor. She later denied the rumour

The model and fashion designer Diandra was inside the Bigg Boss house up until two weeks ago. She was a strong contender for winning the show and her eviction surprised many. Since her eviction Gautam has been little dull and inactive. This might be a step to cheer him up as he draws a lot of TRP for the show. The recorded footage will be aired tonight.

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