Bigg Boss 8, Day 101: Diandra’s love confession for Gautam, confronts Karishma about her lies


Bigg Boss 8, Day 101: Diandra's love confession for Gautam, confronts Karishma about her lies (see pics)

New Delhi: In yesterday’s episode, the contestants continued with the Freeze-Release task without knowing they were in for more surprises.

In the Freeze Release task Diandra entered the house and first spoke to Karishma and expressed her grievances after watching how her friend Tanna has not actually been her friend in the show.

She also advised Upen to stop his psycho act and warned everyone to stop interfering in between her and Gautam’s matter. She finally met Gautam and expressed how she really misses him.

Bigg Boss even organised a date for the two wherein Diandra informed Gautam that she spoke to his family and apologised. She also confessed that she had true feelings for him. And even left two letters for him in their favorite corner of the house.

After Diandra left Upen and Karishma had a chat and claimed that probably Diandra was showing affection for Gautam only for the cameras and they have never said anything against her.

Karishma denied ever bitching against her and Upen too felt that Diandra changed her opinions on purpose.

Gautam talked to Dimpy and commented that she needs to learn manners to talk especially being a lawyer’s daughter.

Dimpy felt hurt that he brought her father’s name in between and both have an argument over it.

At a point in task Bigg Boss asked Ali to freeze and Karishma and Upen take full advantage of it and apply make up on his face.

Gautam’s brother Mohit Gulati came to meet his champ and also gave him his jacket. He advised Gautam to stop acting like a ‘Devdas’.

He thanked Puneet for being there for Gautam always and advised Upen and Karishma to think less negative as this is an entertainment show.

He also confessed that Karishma is his favorite as she had stuck by her words and remained Gautam’s enemy from day 1.

Karishma’s mother also dropped in to meet her daughter and Karishma made her meet everyone in the house. Finnally Karishma’s wish was fulfilled by Bigg Boss.

It was New Years’ eve and how can the housemates not get to celebrate. Bigg Boss organised a ‘couples only’ party for everyone but only girls got to choose their partners and guys who didn’t have partners didn’t get to attend.

So partners were Gautam-Sonali, Upen-Karishma and Dimpy-Ajaz which means Ali, Pritam and Puneet didn’t attend the party.

After the party, Ajaz sat down with Dimpy for a private chat and began flirting with her by praising her. Dimpy listened to him with a naughty smile but did not say much.

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