Since the job competition is increasing with the passage of time, employers are usually bombarded with a huge number of resumes. Therefore, your resume needs to be very catchy to get noticed in the year of 2014. The following points need to be kept in mind when building/updating a resume in 2014.


Tips To Build The Best Resumes in 2014


Your resume needs comply with the following changes to get noticed in the job market of 2014.

Action words

Using strong action words in the resume create a solid impression. An action packed resume calls for an inclusion of action words. There are lists of strong action words available on the internet for this purpose. The key is not to overuse or under-use such words. About 15 action words per resume are usually ideal.


2 C’s are the key for resume writing in 2014 i.e. Concise and Comprehensive! Be brief, but make sure what you are writing is easily understandable and relevant. One pager resumes are in fashion now and a resume longer than a two pages loses its value because none of the employers have time to read it.

Profile / Summary

A profile or summary is a good alternate of objective statement in 2014. Objectives are usually considered selfish to employers. Include profile or professional summary at the top of the resume rather than a self-centered career objective.

If you decide to use an objective because of less experience or career change, you need to tailor it per requirements of employer. Generic objectives will destroy your professional image.

Core Competencies / Areas of Expertise

You should include a core competencies/ areas of expertise section in your resume. In this section you may write job relevant keywords in order to be shortlisted by an automated scrutiny program. You might be asked and questions in the interview based on the bullet points of this section.


Responsibilities and duties in the experience section are largely being replaced by accomplishments or achievements. To create a winning resume in order to cater for the job market in 2014, transform your duties into accomplishments and support your statement by figures where possible, e.g. ‘Enhanced the company’s revenues by 20% in one year’ or ‘Reduced monthly staff costs by 10% via effective HR management techniques’.


A good format of resume is the key of a successful job hunt in 2014! Use a skills based layout and format for your document with impressive heading and logical bullet statements. Avoid inserting picture, graphics and borders in your resume.

Employer Focused

Every section of your resume now needs to target the requirements of a specific employer. With the reduced length, candidates need to exclude all irrelevant experience and include only what’s related to the employer and current job requirements.

You may consider professional help in order to refurnish your resume and get ready for pitching it in the job market of 2014. In addition, you can also find a sample resume for your profession on this website.

Best of Luck!