Aries Monthly Overview Horoscope-nov2014



This month, things will take an excellent turn for you with everything happening exactly the way you want it to, says the Moon. You will have clarity of thought and will be able to communicate your thoughts perfectly, which may work s an advantage for you at work. Avoid taking any major risks in your professional life though. Your creativity will be high and music will help you relax. As Ketu makes its presence felt, you may find it tough to maintain a balance between your work and home. You must keep them separate from each other or it could lead to tension in your domestic life. It is best to talk things through with your family members and try to come up with a solution. Financially, things may take a turn for the better and your worries will be removed. This month will prove to be stable for almost everyone, says the Sun, where work is concerned and some of you may see the results of your hard work of the past few days. There will be an influx of opportunities for you which you must take advantage of.A professional problem that has been a thorn in your life for the past few months too will finally be resolved, most probably with help from your colleague.


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