Aries Monthly Horoscope: August 2015

August 2015 Horoscope Aries: Love & Relationships

The first part of August 2015 promises to be passionate and full of surprises for Aries. 
Mars and Venus will both be in Aries: Venus is the planet of love and seduction, and Mars is the planet of desire and conquest. The Mars-Venus combination has a huge erotic potential and enough strength for taking action in the direction of using this potential. 

It is still in Aries that the South Node, which will urge you to look at the world through the other one’s eyes as well, and Uranus, the great master of the unpredictable, will be. 

In the second part of August 2015, Aries people’s sexual vigor will remain considerable, but the sentimental tendencies will not be all that strong anymore. 

All the month will be exposed to a risk of conflicts, so you should control your impulsive instincts. 

August 2015 Horoscope Aries: Career & Money

Located in Aries, Mars will bring you some extra energy, ambition and spirit of enterprise. You’ll get involved in procedures, you’ll initiate new projects, you’ll feel the need for competition or fight for a noble cause. 

In August 2015 you’ll constantly be on the move, rather high-strung, and you might sometimes rush to decisions, react aggressively or take too big a risk. 

You can rely on the support of Jupiter, which will form a trine with the planets in Aries and will bring you chance, promotion, new openings, creativity. You can also rely on the support of Venus, which will bring you good luck with money and success through social networking, collaborations and partnerships.

However, Arians will be recommended to remain prudent all throughout August 2015, because there could be incidents or unexpected critical situations at any time. 

August 2015 Horoscope Aries: Fitness & Morale

The Mars-Uranus combination will make Arians more dynamic, but will also produce a sort of over-excitement, anxiousness or irritability. 

This tension can worsen certain health problems, if you have such problems and especially if they regard the cardiovascular system or the nervous system. 

The tension felt by Aries in August 2015 can create favorable circumstances for conflicts, injuries, accidents, various fits. 

Take it easy! Count to three before you (re)act – and keep your sense of humor!

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