Aquarius Weekly Horoscope for April 12 – 18


Aquarius: Overview – Weekly Horoscope

Professionals may be rather busy this week, as they may have to do some multitasking to finish certain tasks within given deadlines. Remember that completing your work on time will earn you the appreciation of your superiors.
Additional responsibilities at your work front may make it harder for you to spend time with your loved ones this week. You may find it hard to keep your promises. Make sure you communicate your feelings clearly to avoid misunderstandings.

This will not however affect your love life in any way and things will go on smoothly in your love life. Make sure you take advantage of all the amazing opportunities that you get to enhance your career prospects.
Domestic matters may keep you preoccupied in the early stages of the week. There may be some disappointments on this front, and you may be in a hurry to resolve issues and get things back on track. But, the planetary alliances in the days to come may not help you much, and you may have to keep doing your best to balance out everything – for a little while longer.
Financially, however, you shall be comfortable. This will be a good time to invest spare money in long-term bonds, which assure steady returns, as this will give you a great sense of security about your and your family’s future.
This is a time during which you can enjoy increased powers of concentration. You may require solitude in order to get mental work done this week. Your memory is more retentive than usual, and your thoughts often turn to personal matters, family, and loved ones. You might particularly enjoy discussions about your early life, the past, or family matters during this phase.
In fact, it’s a great time to open up conversations with loved ones, as you are more rational when it comes to personal matters now. Your mind often wanders to domestic concerns, and issues surrounding your home, family, and personal past. For some people, this phase sometimes indicates an especially busy and perhaps hectic period on the domestic scene. For example, you might take home work or find that guests come more often to see you at home. What you give now is what you get later.
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