Aquarius Monthly Overview Horoscope nov-2014


Aquarius  20/1 – 18/2

Thanks to a benevolent Sun, things will finally return to normal and any problems whether major or minor in your life will be resolved this month. Matters related to land or property will be decided in your favour and you will gain from any situation where these are involved. You will be able to make up for any neglect towards your family and your charm and attention is sure to win them over. With Ketu entering into the second week, things may get a bit more stressful than usual and you might have to deal with a few minor issues. The situation might be particularly tense at home with arguments and misunderstandings being the rule. Do not worry about this too much though as this is a very temporary situation and can easily be brought under control with a bit of tact and patience. The month will later bring a sense of relief to you as you finally get peace and harmony back in your life, thanks to a generous Moon. Your relationships with your family members will improve and there will be end of all domestic discord. Some of you can expect a significant event to take place which will bring a number of positive changes in your life and lead you on the path of growth and success.

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