Aquarius Monthly Overview Horoscope December-2014

Aquarius horoscope Aquarius Monthly Overview  Horoscope nov 2014
1/20 – 2/18

Monthly Overview

You get to the bottom of an issue that has persisted long enough. You might suspect that certain problems or issues need to be dealt with immediately if not sooner, and are ready to hit any problem in your path. Someone close to you will bring you good news. However, there may be an issue with a close associate that may damper your spirits. Indeed, this is quite a mixed month for you folk and you need to do your best to not get affected from negativity. You are determined and potentially scary, that’s how others will perceive you. Expect some surprising events in your domestic life. Your partner will be going out of his way to make you feel loved. This will make you feel much closer to your mate. You will also be a very good mood most of the time and will find life to be almost perfect at this time. Some of you make new friends and have an active social life. You will have nothing much to complain about on all fronts. You get relief from an old disease that had been bothering you for quite some time. Once you take control and set some new rules, you will feel ready to make changes in your life and have a whole new perspective on what you want out of your life. By seriously avoiding bad habits and switching to a healthier lifestyle you will feel mentally relaxed. Those of you who have some problem in your professional life need to seriously discuss them with a good career counsellor.

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