Aquarius Monthly Horoscope: August 2015

August 2015 Horoscope Aquarius: Love & Relationships

Located in Aquarius’ house of relationships, the expansive Jupiter will receive some extra energetic impulse from the planets located in Aries. Expect a discussion, a message, a trip or a surprise-encounter to cause an important event for your couple or, who knows, maybe even a new love. 

It is also possible that Aquarius’ relationship/love is stimulated or influenced by some shared intellectual interest or by an activity that has to do with groups, with an audience, speeches, information. Trips or distances can also be involved. 

The second part of August 2015 will be favorable to your private life, home and family, but also to shared properties. It’s about Venus’ influence, which brings harmony, warmth and comfort to Aquarians. 

August 2015 Horoscope Aquarius: Career & Money

Nothing will be still. Mars, Uranus, the South Node, Venus and then the Sun – they will all urge Aquarius people to initiative, will inspire them ideas, will bring them in contact with a lot of people, will make them move and strive. 

It is still them that will bring intellectual challenges to Aquarians, will make them creative and original, will amplify their capacity to argue and persuade, will make them unbeatable when it is about gathering, processing, transmitting or promoting information. 

It will be a period when you make decisions and settle issues. Maybe you’ll sometimes do it in a rather rough and rash way. But there will be cases when you’ll aim very precisely and you’ll get what you want.

Money will come also. Ka-ching! Nevertheless, you’ll have to be very careful, and avoid confusion, illusions and deceivers.

August 2015 Horoscope Aquarius: Health & Wellbeing

Nervous tension felt by Aquarians in August 2015 will be rather high, and this will not be very comfortable. 

You’ll risk flipping or saying things that you’ll regret. Try to relax, act calmly and prudently! 

It is recommended that you avoid haste and impulsiveness, the more so as current transits will predispose you to accidents as well. Drive carefully, watch your step and mind what objects you handle and how! 

If you haven’t done it recently, check the technical condition of your car!

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