Anushka Sharma explains why ‘NH10’ might be a game changer


A year back, she was an actress. Just an actress. today she is an actor cum producer and possibly th youngest actor-producer in the industry. Taking giant leaps and risks with her career choices, Anushka Sharma has taken the road less travelled with her debut production venture- NH10.

The actress, who has been away for an hour before she bombarded the silver screen with a sparkling performance in PK, will now be seen donning an unusual action avatar in the gritty and intriguingNH10. On a promotional spree for the film, Anushka gives 3 major reasons why she feelsNH10 will be another game changer in Bollywood.

The Changing Trends:

“Last year, we had Queen and Mary Kom and I loved both the films. At a time when we find only the men leading the race, suddenly you see two female actors coming and changing the game. I am not calling it a male centric or female centric film. don’t get me wrong on that. But definitely, these two films were huge risks which paid off well. Both Queen andMary Kom were driven by female actors and the way they performed at the box office shows how times have changed and trends have started shifting. I am quite sure NH10 will follow the same route”

The Story:

“More than anything, it is the story of the film that stands out. No matter how much you work hard or perform well, if you don’t have a great story to tell, your film won’t work.NH10 has a great story and that’s the biggest plus for the entire team. It is the story that will appeal to everyone, more than anything else”

Small films, big dynamites:

“Today, if you look at the changing trends from a different perspective, you will people who are taking risks, trying to do something totally different, especially the content driven small budget films, they are working wonderfully at the box office. Whether it is a Vicky Donor orKahaani or any other film made on a stringent budget, if the content is good, the films are creating history at box office. Ours too is a small film but we have huge dreams. And hopefully, NH10‘s reception will give wings to our bigger dreams”



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