Anderson, Jadeja spat may sour England-India relations


An incident between James Anderson and Ravindra Jadeja at the beginning of the first Test match played at Trent Bridge, Nottingham, has soured the atmosphere between the Indian and England teams competing in a five-Test series.

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It is learnt Anderson had pushed Jadeja in the wake of an on-field sledging row. The incident happened on the narrow pathway of the dressing room to the ground.

The exact reason for the flare-up couldn’t be ascertained, but the ire between the two was there for everybody to see when Jadeja came out to bat on the second day, just before lunch.

Jadeja’s batting style in the first innings definitely had Anderson irked. The Indian left-hander started throwing his bat around from the word go, hitting the sixth and eighth ball he faced for sixes, in his knock of 25 (24 balls).

Unlike, the modern day stadiums with spacious floor space and separate stairways leading out from the two dressing rooms, at Trent Bridge the teams have to use a common pathway to the ground. The dressing rooms are one above the other, with home team’s dressing room atop the visitors’ room.

Severely upset with the incident, the Indian team management has taken up the matter with the International Cricket Council and are pushing for exemplary an ban on Anderson.

Since, it is an off-the-field incident, match referee David Boon may be not be in a position to deal with it. An ICC lawyer has been flown from the body’s headquarters in Dubai to deal with the matter.

Anderson was sledging non-stop at the Indian batsman, who was seen complaining to the on-field umpire before going off for lunch.

Anderson targeted Jadeja in the second innings too. The needle between the two was played out again on the morning of the fifth day when Jadeja was trying to save the game for India.

A charged-up Anderson bowled with a lot of fire against the left-hand batsman, who was clueless against Anderson’s reverse swing. After getting repeatedly beaten, Jadeja finally got off the mark on the 38th ball he faced when he stepped out and hit the England pacer over his head for a four. Anderson responded by clapping in sarcasm.

The Indian team management is learnt to be upset about the incident and are demanding strong action against Anderson. When HT checked with the ECB media chief Colin Gibson whether India had lodged any official protest with the match referee, he said: “I don’t know anything about it. You will have to check with the ICC, regarding any issue dealing with the match referee.”

The incident is likely to sour the honeymoon period between the two giants of world cricket, the England and Wales Cricket Board and the BCCI, who recently joined forces to take over the administration of the ICC.

India and England have a history at Trent Bridge. In the 2007 Test, it was the jelly bean incident when a England player threw jelly beans on the wicket when Zaheer Khan was batting. The tiny nugget of confectionery on the wicket had infuriated Zaheer and sparked an extraordinary bat-waving bust-up.

In 2011, Ian Bell was recalled by skipper MS Dhoni after he was runout when he walked straight off the ground for tea-break before the umpire had declared the ball dead.


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