Acid attack survivor Laxmi is ready to front a fashion line


Acid attack survivor Laxmi is ready to front a fashion line

An Indian fashion brand has chosen an acid attack survivor as the face of its campaign.While a size zero figure and conventionally perfect features are qualities brands look for in a person they want to be represented by, an Indian fashion brand has stepped forward to choose an acid attack survivor as the face of its campaign.

 Viva N Diva, an apparel brand that specialises in ethnic Indian wear, has roped in Laxmi, an acid-attack survivor, to front their brand. This move seems to be a part of the brand’s campaign, #FaceofCourage, that aims to create more opportunities for acid attack survivors in the fashion industry.
The brand also took to their Facebook page to post a video of the campaign starring a delightful looking Laxmi, modelling various attires for the brand.The post reads: “A splash of heat blinded her and they stole the one thing she couldn’t replace, her Face. For a very long time she didn’t see the mirror, until the #spotlight hit her and she loved her #reflection”

To the eyes that are used to seeing fashion models with flawless skins dolled up in front of the cameras everyday, this view was both disturbing and inspiring. For a moment we had seen #beauty in a very different way and all we thought was to capture it to give it a meaning,to remove any speck of being a victim from those #eyes and give them a stage,an #employment, a platform a medium to flaunt it with style.

Hence came in the existence of a new fashion hope “FaceofCourage”. Face of courage is an initiative by #VivanDiva featuring an #acidattack #victim as the face of a fashion line. The now #model Lakshmi is a part of the #Chav #Foundation. #Lakshmi is a very strong girl who has taken this step forward setting an example for all the #females who have been stolen of one thing or the other.

We believed in her to become a model and it was a wow moment seeing her pose and flash smiles to the camera.
Our hearty congratulations and thanks to Rego Advertising and Stop Acid Attacks. Watch and Share to spread our initiative !(sic)”

With the New York Fashion Week letting plus-size models, differently-abled models and those suffering from Down Syndrome walk the runway, big brands on the Indian fashion scene are yet to take steps to be more representative on the runway. While efforts of Viva N Diva need to be applauded, a major brand stepping onto the scene could bring about a game-changing moment in the industry.

credit: indiatoday


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