  Buy a food scale. Measure food uncooked. Portion size is key!

  Drink one gallon of water daily. Water is a fat burner.

  Eat a protein or carbohydrate. As your activity slows down toward the end of your day, carbohydrates should come from fibrous sources.

  Keep foods clean and not processed. If you can’t kill, it doesn’t swim, fly or grow: don’t eat it.

  Eat every 3 hours. Small and frequent meals will help your metabolism rate high. DO NOT SKIP MEALS…

  Eat first thing in the morning within a half hour upon waking and 30 minutes after a workout. Protein shakes are good for after training.

  Prepare foods at home. If you eat out, order your foods broiled, grilled or steamed. No seasoning! Add your own Mrs. Dash or fresh herbs.

  No fruit after 4pm. It’s recognized as sugar.

  Do not consume more than 1500mg of sodium a day.

  No more than 75 mg of sugar a day. Remember, artificial sweeteners have Dextrose, which is still a sugar. It is not a calorie-free food! It will metabolize as a sugar.

  Cardio should be done only in fat burning zone. 220-age X 75-80%=target zone for fat burning. Time: 30 to 40 min/3-5 days a week

  Take a multi-vitamin with minerals every morning, plus antioxidants.

  Rest. This is when you recover. If you do not rest, you will over train and not achieve your results.

  Remember: this is not a diet, this is a lifetime food plan.

  Journal and log your food. Every calorie, every gram of protein, every ounce of sodium, every milligram of sugar. Keep a food diary of your journey and you’ll stay on track.



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