10 Minute Workout – Cardio Body Fix

10 Minute Workout


8 Minute Fat Burning Moves

Best thing about this cardio exercise is that they are much more operational also providing simple choice among huge list of exercises available which provide full body workout for the body also making it fun to work at. Below are some of the simple exercises suggested which will help in getting the heart to fat burning zone which not need any equipment, also it is suggested to make sure that each exercise will be continued for 30 seconds:


Jumping Jacks:

Keep feet together and stand up with arms on sides, take a step to the side then get back to former position. Same has to be repeated to other side as well, continue this alternately till the steady pace can be used to. Now add movement of swinging the arms while taking side steps then swing back the arms on to the sides while getting the feet together.

Power Jumping Jacks:

Stand with feet together and arms on the side then jump with both feet onto sides when the arms are brought up on to the head which forms the shape of star. Now get into squat position which has to be held so for about two seconds and get back into starting position.


Running on one spot where the knees are brought up while swinging the arms back and forth in perfect rhythm.


Start sprinting at one place but has to be done at faster pace which also is powerful at the same time.


Stand feet with shoulder wide distance and make sitting position as if there is an imaginary chair which has to be held on for a second then getting back onto the standing position.


It is a combination exercise of squat, vertical jump and push up for which it has to start off with squat on haunches by placing the hands on floor. Now get into push up position by slowly lowering the chest onto the ground with the help of arms now get back up immediately which will finish up with pushups. Later the feet have to be got back into their initial position.

Side Step:

Start with keeping the feet together and leaving arms loosely on the sides, now take a step sideways to left while leaning forward at the same time reach with the right hand across to the body diagonally on left knee then tap with right foot on left. Get back to initial position while repeating the same with other side.

Speed Skaters:

Same movement used in side step can be used for this instead of stepping jumping has to be done both to the side and back for which even the arms have to be used as an alternative while trying to go with sideways with each jump.

It has to be understood that each of this exercise has to be repeated two times since it is fun and creative once this routine is followed on regular basis which can be alternated to normal and regular exercise which is possible with 10 minute cardio workout.


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