10 Minute Workout – Cardio Body Fix

10 Minute Workout

10 Minute Workout – Cardio Body Fix

10 Minute Workout – Cardio Body Fix

There are times when people tend to fit in a quick workout due to the fountain of energy which is rushed into the body is hugely required for the body based on its needs. There are several reasons as to why there is a need for 10 minutes workout to be included as part of daily routine.

Top three reasons for making time for a 10 minute workout:

  • To lessen the feeling of being too tightened which can be relieved with 10 minute workout giving a surge of energy into the body and giving sufficient time to set focus back on properly.
  • 10 minute workout is often considered to be sufficient for those who do not have much time to spend for workout or have missed out on their daily routine.
  • Doing some or the other exercise even if it is for 10 minutes is much better when compared to not doing the exercise at all. 10 minutes training session is also said to be effective when compared to not going with longer training sessions.

For this shorter session of training to show positive results it is suggested to put exclusive focus on one particular area of the body or even a type of exercise routine which will add flexibility to the body. Here is the 10 minute cardio workout routine which is said to show effective results for sure when followed as given below:

Pre-Cardio 2 Minute Warm Up

  • It is necessary that this warm up will loosen the body and increase heart rate to adjust to the upcoming exercises, this 120 seconds of warm up will be sufficient to ease the body for workout however this will also be needed exclusive focus when body feels all tightened up.
  • March on one spot for 30 seconds at the same time the arms also have to be moved in circular motion.
  • Later march by bringing knees higher and swinging the arms.
  • Stand with feet shoulder wide apart and do calf rises by rising up on toes and holding so for about a second before getting back to normal position.
  • It has to be followed by squats which have to be done with legs held shoulder wide, for which the body has to be made into sitting back position like it is usually done when we sit on chair which has to be held for about a second after which the body has to be got back into standing position.
  • Shallow lunges, for which a step has to be taken ahead and step backward with one leg, put bags on hips with a straight back take one big step ahead, slowly lowering the back get down the knee on ground which has to be held on for about 2 seconds which has to be even repeated for other leg.
  • Continuously jog in one place for about 30 seconds.
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