10 Health Benefits of Water For The Human Body


10 Health Benefits of Water For The Human Body

1. Reduce Fatigue
If you often feel sluggish or tired excessive, most likely it is a signal that the body is dehydrated. In fact, fatigue is a major indication that happens to someone who is dehydrated.

When the body is dehydrated, the heart works harder to pump oxygenated blood to all tissues of the body through the bloodstream due to a decrease in blood volume.

Therefore if the body feels tired the main thing you can do is to drink at least three cups of water, then let the body rest for a moment while waiting for a positive reaction resulting from drinking water earlier.

2. Improve Mood
The loss associated with mood not only because in trouble. The researchers revealed that the condition of the body that lack of fluid intake too often can affect mood and thinking ability.

A little research conducted on 25 women and the results are written in the Journal of Nutrition revealed that dehydration can affect mood and cognitive function. Then comes back positive mood after their bodies get fluid with sufficient quantities.

3. Relieve Headaches
Headache including migraine is caused by many factors, one of which is dehydration. In a study published in the Journal of Neurology Europea explains that drinking lots of water helps reduce pain in the head.

4. Good For Digestion
The role of water in the gastrointestinal tract is to help the process of digestion for the better. Lack of water can lead to constipation and hamper digested food into the intestine, if continuously left the gastrointestinal tract will be damaged.

Drinking lots of water can increase the body metabolis and help smooth the process of food processing since become a regular bowel movement. Experts recommend us to drink warm water when experiencing constipation as good for digestion of food.

5. Increase Appetite and Lose Weight
Loss of appetite can be harmful because it did not receive nutrition from the foods that should be consumed. If you experience these problems before starting to eat and drink at least one glass of water.

Researchers uncover the privilege of water to increase appetite, especially if taken before meals. Additionally enough water consumption can also help you lose weight because of the tendency to eat a lot to be smaller.

6. Removing Body Toxins
In the body there are toxins that come through food or drink that you consume (without aware of it).

Water is the best option to help remove toxins from the body and dispose of other harmful substances through sweat and urine with the process of urination.

7. Prevent Kidney Stones
Water can dilute the salts and minerals in the urine that trigger the formation of kidney stones. But too much water also affects the kidney’s ability to filter out impurities, although not many cases are enforced due to it.

8. Controlling Body Temperature
The amount of water in accordance with the needs of the body ,Regulate body temperature due to the thermal water is capable to release body heat during a sweat.

Temperature controlled entity also makes you feel more energized during exercise. Drinking water after exercise will reduce the risk of joint and muscle pain, and prevent cramps and sprains.

9. Reduce Negative Effects Of Alcohol
Alcohol can make you more likely to issue a little water. If you hang out at the bar is certainly often ingest alcohol actually not useful at all.

Experts recommend every person who has a lot to drink alcohol to augment drinking water before bed so that the negative impact of alcohol becomes less.

10. Overcoming Breath Odor
Bad breath is caused by a lack of drinking water to the mouth so moist and can not sweep the food particles and accelerate the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath.

By drinking at least eight glasses of water every day less savory aroma that comes out of your mouth over time will be lost due to bacteria or germs cause dead.


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